How Light Therapy Can Make You a Better Athlete

How Light Therapy Can Make You a Better Athlete

During athletic training, recovery after a tough workout can really slow you down. Red light therapy can help! Red light therapy increases blood flow in your body and also stimulates cellular regeneration. In other words, red light increases the speed at which your body repairs itself after a workout. As a result, your muscles will be less tired and less inflamed. You’ll also feel less pain and see improved strength overall, leaving you feeling energized after a workout instead of rundown.

Red light therapy can also help your body before a workout and maybe even more beneficial. The faster blood flow triggered by red light increases oxygen and nutrient rates to working muscles like your heart. This means athletes who utilize red light therapy before activity take longer to get tired than athletes who don’t. Studies have shown that athletes who use red light therapy before working out also benefit from fewer free radicals generated when they exercise. As a result, you are likely to see less post-workout inflammation and pain.

In addition to pre- and post-workout benefits, studies show red light therapy can actually improve your overall muscle health and strength over time. The same process that decreases pain also stimulates muscle growth. One study showed that athletes who used red light therapy before working their quads saw a faster rate of muscle growth than those who did not.

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Supercharge Your Recovery

There are many benefits for anyone using red light therapy, such as quicker recovery from an injury. A study involving university athletes found that athletes who utilized red light therapy as part of their recovery from an injury found that they were able to return to play around ten days sooner than athletes who didn’t use red light.

Red light therapy has also been used to help treat sprains, strains, ligament damage, tendonitis, neck pain, and other common sports-related injuries. What’s more, red light therapy can play an important role in treating your injury and preventing new ones.

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A Safe Choice

Unlike tanning beds or extended exposure to the sun, red light therapy is extremely safe. The light does penetrate your skin but will not burn you or cause any damage to your DNA. It is a good idea to consult your doctor before beginning any new form of physical therapy. Still, years of studies demonstrate that red light therapy has many positive benefits and no negative side effects.

Not Just for Athletes

Whether you are an elite athlete training for a significant event or looking to improve your overall health, red light therapy can benefit your body. For years, people have used red light therapy to manage pain, improve recovery, boost their mental well-being, and even keep their skin looking fresh and young.

At Light Lounge, we use the only FDA-approved red light beds on the market, ensuring that you will receive the best possible results, no matter your needs. If you want to incorporate red light therapy as a part of your life, our experts are ready to help you develop a treatment plan catered to you. Contact us today to schedule your first free session and learn more about how red light therapy can benefit you.

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