Protect yourself and your family from 5G radiation with our world-class EMF protection products


Qi - Shield

The Qi-Shield will impress you with its compact size
and the level of protection

Qi - Home

The Qi-Home comprehensive radius of 50 m will protect your home from harmful radiation

Qi - Mobile Maple

The Qi-Mobile Maple protects you and your family
on the go.

Evidence Based Research On Qi-Technologies

Report on RF Attenuation testing of: Qi-Technologies GmbH
EMF Modulation Unit
Model: Qi-Shield

Test Report and Certificate on the Effect of the Product Qi-Home Cell in a magnetic field with geopathic distortion and upon water

Summary report on testing protective influence on human organism against wireless router radiation for the product Qi-Shield

Beneficial effects of water after enrichment with electrons by Qi-Home Cell – Investigations with cultured cells

why choose EMF protection products

Light Lounge brings you specially designed German technology to provide you and your family a true sanctuary against EMFs and radiation frequency.

Less influenced by radiation

Can protect all residents of an apartment or one family home against harmful cell radiation.

Generation of vital energy

Generates its own field of vital energy and produces free electrons. This technique is unique and makes our products exceptional.

Air improvement

Air contains water. The water molecules are positively influenced and the number of negative ions increase.

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