The secret to natural pain relief

Light Therapy can alleviate chronic pain and improve recovery

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Light Therapy Benefits

Light Lounge™ uses medical-grade and FDA-listed devices that have research-backed efficacy for a variety of clinical and non-clinical conditions. Light therapy (Photobiomodulation) can decrease inflammation and oxidative stress and is backed by 50 years of clinical and laboratory research with no documented side-effects.


Operating at the cellular level, Light Therapy can alleviate chronic pain and has been shown to treat the underlying issues


Light Therapy can decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, which are associated with many diseases


400+ studies show increased strength in damaged tissue (including skin conditions, muscle damage from hard workouts, and injuries)

Science has demonstrated that Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation-PBM) can:

Rejuvenate Your Body

Decrease Oxidation of Tissues
Reduce Inflammation
Regenerate, Rebuild & Protect Tissues

Ease Pain

Back & Neck Pain
Shoulder & Knee Pain
Nerve (Neuropathic) & Arthritis Pain

Reduce/Eliminate Need for Drugs

PBM can be a safe alternative to opioids
PBM has no documented side effects
PBM can have lasting pain-relief


Light Lounge is excited to announce that in 2021 we will be opening new stores in the following locations:

Denver, CO
Denver Tech Center, CO
Boulder, CO
Salt Lake City, UT

… and more coming soon!

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Our services

Full-body session

Our non-invasive medical-grade Light Therapy is applied to the whole body. Using cutting edge software, we can create protocols that can help with specific conditions and ailments. Our Light Beds can assist in targeting multiple conditions at the same time. Treatments are rapid, lasting 8-12 minutes, and allow for self-service without the need of a technician.


Handheld session

Light Lounge™ uses medical grade laser and LED devices to specifically target specific injuries and issues. Targeted Light Therapy can work in conjunction with whole-body Light Therapy to offer the best potential for treatment. Protocols are specific to a body part or condition and are provided by a certified therapist.


How light therapy helps you

Light Therapy has been demonstrated to reduce pain while helping heal the underlying tissue. This is unmatched by any other current chronic pain treatment.

Can treat TBI/Concussion

Can reduce depression

Can increase cognitive function

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Can repair skin damage 2 of 6

Can decrease chronic pain with no document side effects

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Can decrease back pain and increase function

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Can decrease Carpal tunnel Syndrome symptoms

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Can treat knee pain and increase range of movement

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Meet the team


David Martin


Experienced health and wellness executive. Founded and successfully exited several start-up businesses with a vast network in the athletic and health industries.


David Caha


Accomplished digital and biotech health executive and published research scientist, with expertise in Neurophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience.


Mark Fretta, JD


Seasoned operations specialist, attorney, and sales team leader. Skilled entrepreneur with multiple successful exits.

Awesome place with state-of-the-art light technology that provides tissue rejuvenation for anyone! So nice to evidence healing in my life and increasing energy!

Mary Lyn Z.


Light therapy insights

Light Lounge™ sources its data and research from peer-reviewed journals and unbiased world-class research institutions.

Light Therapy

Learn the microbiology of Light Therapy and about it's benefits.


Read the science behind Light Therapy's ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

Pain relief

See why physicians and scientist recommend Light Therapy as an alternative to drugs.

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