Hydrogen Water & Your Health

Water is essential to support human life. 

High-quality water is necessary to optimize human life.

According to health experts, we should drink eight glasses of water every day. Taking in enough water helps us to maintain efficient metabolism and, especially, maintain the healthy functioning of our kidneys11

Unfortunately, we don’t always have access to clean and healthy drinking water. You might think that a bottle of water may be the safest choice of hydration; however, a recent study that analyzed 259 bottled waters sold in different countries revealed that 93% of them contained “microplastic” synthetic polymer particles8.

Another study shows that various drugs such as ranitidine (prescribed for acid reflux), hydrocodone (for pain), and hydrochlorothiazide (for certain heart conditions) have been found present in the water supply system across the United States3

Water is very vulnerable to pollution. So, not only drugs but an array of other toxic substances, released from farms or factories, might find their way into our water supply. Some estimates suggest that unsafe water affects the health of 1 billion people every year; therefore, you might even be unaware that your access to water is a contaminated one1

Hydrogen-rich Water & Your Health

Everyone should have access to clean water for drinking. While water naturally combines hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O) in its chemical composition, scientists believe that hydrogen-rich water (purified water by infusing gaseous hydrogen)19 may bring numerous benefits for your health19.

There are hundreds of studies that point out the healing effects of molecular hydrogen and how it can help you maintain a healthier body while combating different diseases and health conditions23,21,7.

Hydrogen Acts as a Therapeutic Antioxidant

Persistent oxidative stress (the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body) effectively causes cell and tissue damage. It has been repeatedly linked with many common diseases, such as cancer2,21. However, scientific research has shown that hydrogen (H2) has tremendous potential as an antioxidant when applied in preventive and therapeutic settings21.

Hydrogen and Cancer Treatment

In 2015, a group of scientists sought to investigate the potentials of hydrogen (H2) as an anticancer agent. H2 was administered alongside 5-fluorouracil (5-FU, a medication used for treating different types of cancer)5 to treat colon cancer found in mice. According to the study:

  • Hydrogen water helped to improve the survival rates of the mice23;
  • Hydrogen water was directly involved in enhancing apoptosis in cancer cells (cancer cell death)23
  • Hydrogen water increased the inhibitory effect of the 5-FU cancer-treating drug23
  • High-content hydrogen water exhibited stronger antioxidative and anticancer properties compared to regular water23

The research conclusively showed that hydrogen water could successfully help combat cancer23

Hydrogen Can Reduce Inflammation

More research on molecular hydrogen has revealed it can successfully reduce inflammation since it neutralizes free radicals (which have toxic effects and are associated with causing inflammation in the body). 

This time the researchers used gaseous hydrogen in conjunction with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Research subjects had liver inflammation, and they remained in hyperbaric chambers for two weeks7 (these chambers are used for treating severe infections or persistent wounds from radiation or diabetes)9. They found out that: 

  • H2 decreased liver fibrosis (the formation of fibrous connective tissue or scar tissue that damages the liver)7,4
  • Increased antioxidant enzyme activity (which promotes cellular healing)7;
  • Reduced lipid peroxidation (decrease oxidative stress)7,16;
  • And improved blood flow to stimulate healing.

Hydrogen Water Can Make You a Better Athlete

Hydrogen-rich water can also help improve performance among athletes by shortening the recovery time after exercise-induced stress14. Hydrogen can help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness by limiting lactate build-up and boosting the rate at which your cells are producing energy, therefore improving your performance in aerobic exercise17

Other Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen Application

  • Molecular hydrogen can be utilized as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory therapy for rheumatoid arthritis12, an autoimmune disorder that causes joint pain and stiffness22.
  • High content hydrogen water may also help with autism, and Parkinson’s disease18,6, lower anxiety, and improve depression symptoms20,25.
  • It can also aid obesity as it inhibits fatty acid uptake and lipid accumulation10 as well as patients with diabetes by regulating their blood glucose levels or insulin resistance24,13.

The FDA has recognized hydrogen-rich water safe for consumption, with no known causes of harm15

If you are interested in implementing hydrogen water drinking in your daily health habits, choose closed containers only. When you buy hydrogen water, drink it as soon as possible to get the most of it15,19.

You can also purchase a hydrogen water machine that can purify drinking water by molecular hydrogen (H2). Therefore, you’ll always have a glass of health at hand. 

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