TJ Foreman – Put a Spring in Your Step with Better Balance

Focus on the Vestibular System, Its Integration with Vision, and Reflexive Stability

TJ Foreman, of Eudaimonia Human Flourishing Center in Indian Hills, Colorado, explained what happens with the vestibular system as we age or decline. One of the questions he answered was “How does the vestibular system impact movement?” The answer is because falling is one of our highest priority threats, chronically poor vestibular function can create significant threat. This results in numerous neuromusculoskeletal issues in the body – ranging from excessive tension to scoliotic changes and myofascial winding. 

One significant issue as people age is the fact most will always have on shoes which causes the soles of the feet to lose their “neural mapping” and without the ability to sense changes in surface, people can fall.

Watch this video to learn more about progression drills and other ways to build your vestibular system in order to increase your balance!

TJ’s passionate and driven to see lives transformed through neuro-centric training and education, and a holistic approach to health and wellness integrating gut, and metabolic health with their neuro control center. As Eudaimonia’s Neuro Athletic & Recovery Specialist, he works with individual clients, offers workshops and series to groups, and certifies LIFEKour Academy Coaches in neuro-centric training, enabling them to integrate these techniques in their classes.

When he is not at Eudaimonia he is playing with his kids, wife and friends, sharing outdoor activities and traveling to a beach whenever he has the opportunity!

Master Practitioner Applied Functional Neurology, Z Health Performance and Education
FMHC, Functional Medicine Health Coach
Solution and Education
CPT, Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified, National Academy of Sports Medicine
K.A.T. Certified, Kettlebell Athletic Training


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