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Hyper Light

T048-F Ankle Pad

T048-F Ankle Pad

For inflammation, sprains, and strains, the T048-F ankle pad is designed to provide relief and compression. Using high-frequency vibration technology helps reduce pain associated with swelling in the ankles. It also offers adjustable levels and a unique heating function that soothes and relaxes muscles.

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Energizing water

Contains a technology that combines a wealth of artesian curative springs found in the world. It makes no difference whether it is stored in a bottle or a water pipe. It is not necessary to attach the Qi-Home to a water conduit.

Less influenced by radiation

Can protect all residents of an apartment or one family home against all harmful radiation caused by the influences such as mobile phone radiation and electric smog.

Generation of vital energy

Generates its own field of vital energy and produces free electrons. This technique is unique and makes our products exceptional. The free electrons help to neutralize free radicals in and outside the body.

Air improvement

Air contains water. The water molecules are positively influenced and the number of negative ions increase. As a result, the quality of the inside air is enhanced.


  • Size: 11” H X 9” L
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Wattage: 15w
  • Accessories: USB Wire DC Connector


  • Touch Display Function
  • No dimming
  • Built-in timer 20 mins
  • pulse mode 10hz
  • Light mode
  • both 660nm + 850nm only 660nm or 850nm. It comes in Small
  • (5-7) Medium,(8-10), and Large(11- 15)